August 3, 2021

Currency trading Nitty Gritty – Finally, a Forex Trading Course For Beginners!

Forex trading in the trading and trading world has become what Texas Holdem is to the poker entire world. It has exploded, with more than $3. 5 trillion getting traded every day. Forex is a zero sum market. This means there are winners, and an equal number of losers. Generally, store Forex traders like you and I are on the losing side. Yet educated investors CAN and ARE on the winning side.

The fact remains, 95% of retail traders lose money in the Forex market. They will get frustrated, try program after system, and still generate losses. The market is full of gimmicks and “unbeatable” robots which will trade for you making you hundreds overnight while you sleep. To be successful within Forex Trading, we have to become impartial traders. We can’t rely on some forex robot to trade our money for us in the hopes that we make 1000s of dollars. We can’t depend on other people to trade our money for us, like managed agent accounts. They get paid in the number of trades they make, not really whether we are profitable delete word. Bottom line is that nobody cares about our forex trading success and our financial well being as much as we do ourselves. Turn out to be an educated investor and trader, and you will be more successful.


People are flocking to Fx trading with the dream of the old Ca gold rush. Billions of bucks can be made, all you need to perform is get your hands on some of this, right?
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But if it is so easy, and you can plug in a robotic, or give somebody your hard earned money to trade for you, how come you are the only one to keep shedding your money? You’re not. Forex trading is becoming an industry for predators in search of prey. They sell you upon gimmicks and get rich quick schemes. It all sounds great, especially for the low price of $97 – $247 on average. And you don’t even have to work on it, or educate yourself, or spend any time at all upon trading forex! Woooo hoooo!

One of the latest crazes to hit the currency market lately are these so-called Forex Robots, or Automatic Trading Systems. In a nutshell, you buy this program, install it, turn it on, and it makes you money without having you having to know anything about forex trading at all. You can “double your account in thirty days” even while you sleep. No education. No work. You don’t even need to know exactly what Forex IS, much less how you can trade it. Just buy this or that robot that will trade for you and make you thousands of dollars every month. A heaven sent dream.

Well, robots don’t function. If they did, those best banks and financial institutions certainly would be using them and not have fallen to financial woes. Beyond that, just and we can say this along with authority, we have tested one of the greatest money making robots on the market today, FAP Turbo. It makes a LOT of money… for your guys selling it, not for the people buying this. Sure, some people make money with it. A blind horse is bound to find water ONCE in a WHILE, correct?

However , if you want to do a little work, and educate yourself a little bit, and find out the proper way to trade Forex, after that there is a new course in the marketplace just for you. Forex Very basics is just that course.

30+ Year Trading Expert plus Mentor Bill Poulos Creates Forex Nitty Gritty

Bill Poulos is a veteran trader along with over 30 years of practical experience. He has helped and mentored thousands of investors make even more money in the market by training solid methods based on audio fundamental trading principles plus methods.

All of his programs cost several hundred to several thousands of dollars, and WELL WORTH every single penny. I myself used his Forex Profit Gas course and obtained earnings of 58% per month on average for the past 7 months. Yes, I can show you the actual broker trade data and prove it.

But he really wants to help the beginning traders at this point. And he is mentoring Forex Nitty Gritty for only $97 at the time of this writing. In the personal phone discussion with him, he did tell me that one of the reasons had been so that he can help educate people that are new to currency trading, or that haven’t been successful in forex, because he wanted to later sell them the more expensive advanced courses. (Hows that for honesty? ). But I’ll be honest here, his main goal is to keep people from making the essential mistakes that wipe out their own trading account. Bill Poulos is passionate about helping individuals to learn and understand the Currency markets, and to be able to trade this successfully. Yes, he prefers the money his students provide him. But he really will not need it. He has made a great deal of money trading, and mentoring people, and really has no need for more. He could retire this particular minute, very well off and not look back. But he or she WANTS to help people learn to industry successfully. So why does he or she charge so much for his courses? Because it gives the individuals learning them value plus desire to learn. If he mentored people for free, those individuals just wouldn’t care to learn as much. It’s a fact. Scientifically tested. Not to mention that his time WILL BE valuable, and he deserves a little something for giving 30+ years of knowledge to his college students.

But Forex Nitty Gritty differs. It is an entry level training course for new forex traders, or people that have been in the forex market and not been successful. People that have gotten ripped off from the gimmicks and robots and the unscrupulous “trainers” that really have zero business taking peoples cash. Bill knows exactly what causes failure in the markets, and is teaching people that, and even more.


There are many things you need to do, and many more you must avoid, to be able to succeed in Forex trading. Bill Poulos teaches you them in Currency trading Nitty Gritty.

One of them is that you must focus on high probability, low-risk trades. Nothing more. This means you only take the trades that have the highest probability of being lucrative, and the lowest risk associated with losing your trading accounts value. Generally this will lead you to have fewer trades, but they will be quality trades plus generally more profitable. You can stop trading the less desirable trades that have a greater degree of moving against a person. And that means you will win investments with higher profits compared to losses you sustain. Plus yes, you will have losses. But the wins more than make up for that, making you profitable.

With Forex trading Nitty Gritty, you will only have to spend about 20 minutes each day trading. You will identify any new trades, and handle current trades. You will arranged entry prices, stop loss, and take profit purchases. You will practise good money management rules that will increase your possible profit and lower your general risk. And yes, it will only take you regarding 20 minutes an evening.

Forex Nitty Gritty also consists of optional daily videos that will show various trade setups, to help you learn the market the proper way. And videos teaching the basics of forex, plus forex trading. The Forex Very basics Insiders website has a wide range of core information and teaching to help the new traders, or even those of us that want to learn how you can be more profitable.

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